Upcoming Titles

Derelict Paradise

Expected release: March 2021

Genre: Science Fiction, Cosmic Horror

When Mira's friends start disappearing and the authorities refuse to look into it, she takes the matter into her own hands. With an old junker ship and a disparate team of searchers, she sets off for an abandoned colony on the edge of her system.

Of Mercy and Mayhem

Expected release: May 2021

Genre: Paranormal Mystery, Dark Fantasy

The Gerhardt twins return to their home to start over and, more importantly, get justice for their friend, Sylvie Kiarnan. As they go deeper into the mystery surrounding high profile murders and the corruption in the University for Arcane Arts and Sciences, they discover the truth behind the Ratin attack years ago.

The Reclaimer

Expected release: July 2021

Genre: Dark Fantasy

[Blurb to come]


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