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Why Indie Publishing?

Initially I was going to write a big, long blog post talking about trade vs indie vs vanity and the difference between the three, but I don't think I would want to write all that out. Instead, I'm just going to talk about why I decided to go indie instead of going trade.

I've wanted to be a published author since I was about 8, and I always imagined getting an agent and going the trade route, but I realized in the last year that I wanted that primarily because I sought the approval of those in the publishing industry. I put a lot of my self confidence into my writing and wanted others to find it good. However, because I'd wrapped so much of myself in what other people thought, I had little to no self confidence.

In January of this year (2019) I talked to my husband about either submitting my book (The Traitor's Daughter) to agents or publishing it myself. It took me until May to decide to take the plunge, but I did so because I decided to put the books out I wished to.

Unfortunately, this isn't going to immediately become a profitable endeavour. I'm a bit over $500 in thus far. I don't know how much I'll need to put in until I start making profit. I'm not even entirely sure how to market. Everything I've read says to wait to put money into marketing until after I have at least six books out. Who knows if that's true, it may or may not be.

Let me be clear, self publishing is not the best route for everyone. I highly encourage anyone looking into doing it to get educated on how trade publishing works and see if that'd be a better route for you. It isn't for me, but not because the trade publishing industry is bad. It's because I want to have control and I need to accomplish this on my own.

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