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Where do we go from here?

Lately it's been harder to write these blog posts as I've gotten busier outside of ...well, this. But I figured now was as good a time as any to tell you what I'm thinking as far as my future works go.

Right now I'm working on Of Mercy and Mayhem, the seventh book in the Gerhardt Detective Agency series. I expect it to be out sometime in August or September. Likely September as I'm taking my time to make it better. I spent a while on Derelict Paradise and I think it was my best book to date, so I'll attempt to keep that quality going forward.

Once I'm done with Of Mercy and Mayhem, I'll start work on the next New Gods book. I expect it to be out in November or December. That is assuming, of course, that I'm able to put out the detective one by the end of September...

Obviously, I don't intend to release anything other than those last two books this year. I could choose to write two books at one time, but I think I'd dislike that. I might get confused and then you'd have Ciel in a book she's not suited for, starting fights and yelling at unknown bartenders. Let's not let Ciel yell at bartenders.

Next year, in January, I'll have my new plan for a release schedule ready. We'll see where that leads us, but I hope to put out at least five books again.

With my typical process, I tend to take a month or two to write a novel, but we'll see how this goes. I'll have a lot happening medically in the next little bit, not to mention the eventual house move (the walls are getting taller and next concrete pour is next week). I don't expect the move to happen soon, but when it does, I may be away for a week or more, depending on the time it takes to unpack and what the internet situation will be. I doubt it'll take that long, though. We're not moving across the country, just across town.

So, at the moment, that's about all I feel comfortable talking about with what's going on. I'm considering something else for next week, something longer, but we'll see what happens.

For now, I hope you're happy to hear from me and I hope your summer (whether it's just started or has been going for months) is wonderful! See you next week!

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