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What'd I tell y'all about April snowstorms?

This is what I woke up to on Tuesday morning. That witch winter... She is spiteful and jealous, angry we've pined for spring and has decided we've grown too comfortable in our above freezing temperatures.

Yes, it's still a bright white outside and I eye it with ire every time I look out the window.

All my annoyance and anger aside, it'll melt, likely over the weekend. It can't come too soon as we're finally ready to start building the absolutely necessary fully accessible house. The builders would prefer less frost in the ground for an easier break.

But let's put aside the talk about weather. Let's talk about writing!

I managed to find a pretty awesome beta reader. She's a close personal friend, but she's been wonderful at what I've asked of her (plus the encouragement she gives me with each bit of feedback). It's been amazing to have fairly immediate edits, to know what works and what doesn't, seeing where the hits land and where things just... whiff. It's helped a lot.

That said, I still don't have a release date. I have 10 chapters to write and probably 30k words. Knowing how I've been going, don't expect it until the end of May or beginning of June. If that. Gah, I need to stop telling y'all when to expect it.

Anyway, this is a short one, but I hope you're all doing well! Stay safe and I'll make another post next week.

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