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Planting the House Fruit

Hello everyone! I am a little late writing today, primarily because I am exhausted from yesterday. Yesterday was... wild.

I had this amazing interview with Vince with Boomers on Books yesterday, my first ever video interview in general and I was... nervous as heck. But it went great! You can check it out here:


It was fun and felt more like talking to my husband's Australian relatives than some intense conversation. I hope to talk to Vince again the next time I have a book coming out! I'd gush about it, but I'd prefer y'all watch it and draw your own conclusions. That said, I talked about it a ton to my husband when he got home, and it's given me a lot of confidence in going forward.

Meanwhile, across town (not a very big town), the foundation for our house was dug! I got pictures from the contractor shortly after the interview ended and since then I've been scrolling through the (only four) pictures and imagining what's coming next.

It's not a big house, but it'll be fully wheelchair friendly and I can't wait to be able to take a shower every morning and not be completely wiped out from it. My in laws have helped us so much with furniture and they'll likely help us move when the time comes, too. We'll finally get to use both our couch and loveseat (our current apartment is too small for them) and I can't wait to decorate for Halloween some year (likely 2022 at earliest). When more of the house is done I'll go and take pictures to share.

I actually intended to write a long blog post today, but I put so much energy into the interview that I'm just exhausted. So I'm going to rest and recover! Thanks for checking this post out and have a great week!

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