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Out of the blizzard and into the fire

It's June! That means there's soaring temperatures here and, though we still had our heater on last week, we're now heading into a heat wave and local stores are running out of fans! My husband asked if he should pick up a big fan (we used to have one, but it got turned into ventilation for a spray paint booth) and I told him I don't think my biggest fans are in the store at the moment. Look, he communicates in mostly dad jokes, I gotta get back at him where I can.

Anyway, we're headed into a week long heat wave so I'll be a writer puddle pretty soon. It sounds worrying for that interview coming next week, but I'll figure it out.

And, yes! My first ever video interview is happening this coming Tuesday, June 8th! I'm still anxious. I made note cards for myself, trying to make sure I have topics to pull up or even entire paragraphs to read off if my brain shuts off halfway through. I'd include pictures, but when I say "note cards" I mean that I covered my desk with sticky notes and I don't really want to show you my desk as it's currently messy (aside from the sticky notes). The interview will be happening at 8PM UK time, 1PM Mountain, 2 Central, 3 Eastern, noon Pacific. As it starts up, I'll share a link to a Youtube Livestream and anyone with a YouTube (or Google) account will be able to talk in the chat and you're encouraged to pose questions for me to answer! The more the merrier as far as viewers are concerned.

I've been deep into editing for Derelict Paradise and it's been a lot easier as I come to finalizing everything. I am drawing out my edits because I get anxious once I'm done and want to release the book immediately. If I have to sit on a manuscript for weeks (which will happen as I'm on track to finish edits before the interview) I am a ball of nerves. I'll try to just start up Of Mercy and Mayhem straight away, trying to get out of that weird, post-manuscript depression.

And while I'm melting in my apartment, they're digging the hole that will become my house! What! Now that's a bit of a head trip. I write fantastical stories, right? But houses... houses are a whole different game. It's a little strange to think about. I don't know that it feels real just yet.

I know this is a short entry, I just have so many other things happening right now. I hope I'll write a longer one next week. Hope y'all are safe and healthy and stay that way! See you Tuesday!

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