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I've been posting all over Twitter about my adventures with muscle relaxants this past weekend and I felt I might as well give a longer account here.

Up until Thursday, August 29th, I was researching treatment options for my multiple sclerosis and stressing out a ridiculous amount. I won't go into the entire appointment (other than to say I finally felt like I wasn't crazy about how tense my legs are now), but I came away with a lot more information and a couple new medications. One of them is a muscle relaxant.

Now I know y'all don't know me that well, but a year ago I was just ending a rough spell where I weaned myself off of a muscle relaxant that essentially had me drugged out for two years without relaxing my muscles.

I started this new medication off on Saturday as the doctor believes the main reason I can't walk is because of the tension in my muscles. However, it turns out that taking a whole pill is a bit more than I can manage. I was high for the first time in my life and it was not a pleasant experience. The medicine definitely relaxed my muscles.

From about 11 in the morning onward, I was laying on the couch, in and out of consciousness, my words were slurred, and I was convinced I was holding onto something, though I had nothing in my hands. There were times my muscles were so relaxed, in fact, that I could not move my arms. It was horrible.

Somewhere in there, hubby and I decided to go looking into the medication and we find out you're supposed to start off with half a pill! Oh my gosh. I've been on half a pill twice a day now for two days and it works so much better. Still can't walk very well yet, but hopefully it'll settle in soon. I'm told that once my body gets used to the medication it should be easier to walk. Let's hope that's true!

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