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Last Quarter 2019 Plans

Okay guys, I made a decision last night after a long discussion with hubby to go ahead and release THE EMPIRE REBORN early. So my first fully independently published series is out. Pretty soon it'll be available as a series bundle on Amazon and I hope it'll go fairly well, but that's not my plan for the rest of the year. I will not stop here.

Last night, after I uploaded everything for Empire Reborn, I plotted out what will be the first in what I intend to be a long running series. I don't know how many books will be in it. I hope at least seven, maybe fifteen or more. I'll give you a little sneak peek into what I'm writing. Here's the current first paragraph:

"It always seemed to rain more in Heid than anywhere else in Mitera, almost like the gods wept for the magic dying in the hands of greedy mages, and tonight it came down in sheets. Magic was the lifeblood of the city, it powered the lights and moved water through the pipes, but everyone knew it couldn't last."

It's going to be a dark, paranormal mystery set in Mitera in Mirruvin, the human world in my universe. It will focus on a detective agency in Heid, a city you've seen a little of in THE TRAITOR'S DAUGHTER.

While I cannot promise this, I currently intend to finish the first book in October for release in November. Then, if I succeed, I'll use November to write the next book and put it out in December. After that, I do intend to slow down for the month of December. I'll still write, but I won't be pushing myself to do 3,000-5,000 words a day or get out a book in a month. As December's a hectic month, I don't want to kill myself from production stress or creative fatigue.

Now, let me be very clear on this next point. I do not make a lot of money right now off my books and I don't think I will until I figure more of it down. I believe I have the writing mostly down. I know that Rightful Heir and Empire Reborn are shorter novels, but I find I usually create a solid and compact story in fewer words than, perhaps, I should. Blame it on the education system or blame it on my own lack of understanding when it comes to what people want expanded.

I will be making the detective agency books a bit longer, just because it's more my preferred writing style. It will be third person limited, past tense. I know that detective stories are usually written in first person present tense, but in my tests (I've been planning this series for months) I found first person present tense was more difficult for me to write and a couple of beta readers didn't like it as much as the third person.

I don't know, we'll see if it changes. Either way, hopefully it will do well on its own. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I'll keep you updated.

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