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Idle Hands and all that...

I got bored this weekend. Well, "bored." More just... I was sitting at my desk, brain too tired to do a work and make a word, attention too flighty for games, so I went to the bathroom and cut most of my hair off. I mean, what came off my head would've either made a beautiful wig or a terrifying hair creature. My vote's for the second, but it's bagged up and in the trash now, so the jury shall never see the evidence.

I think I'm a bit behind on this trend. I've heard tons of people giving themselves hair cuts over the course of quarantine and it was less that it was quarantine that gave me this incident. It was more that I needed something to change. Easiest thing to change with minimal (or no) pain is hair, so that got changed. Dying it probably would've done the trick, but dye's expensive and it'd be part of a week and cost my husband a migraine (scent induced), so this was the path of least resistance. But my hair is way too thick for me to do this again. I feel so sorry for everyone who's cut it professionally as it is a chore.

Now that that's out of the way, we're talking about idle hands. It could be argued my doing nothing was what caused my need for change, though I think it was more the work I was putting into my mental health and accepting myself. Anyway, I remember hearing a lot as a child about how idle hands caused problems and I think that's accurate for lots of situations, especially with children. It's how walls get covered in crayon, light fixtures get broken, and siblings get tied to chairs. ...I don't think that first one happened in my house, but the latter two definitely did.

As adults, we have a lot more options. I find periods of inaction gives me more to go on when I have the energy to work. And, even after hacking off a good portion of my hair, I wrote a couple chapters and did the laundry and... well, I think that's it. I finished my Stardew Valley run? Haven't started the next one.

Another aside, I did manage to find a couple people happy to read and give feedback on a few chapters of Derelict Paradise (I'm very much considering putting the first chapter up for free reading soon) and I got some feedback that has, so far, made my book better. I'm excited to give you this story. Well, I hope I'm excited. I'll be excited if I make this book what I intend to.

So, yeah, I didn't have much to say this week, just that we have more to do as adults and I made a good amount of progress on the book. It's a bit of a lie to say it's gonna be out in March, but I can almost guarantee it'll be out in April (flash forward to the end of April and me saying it'll be out for May). But, seriously, this book is a bit difficult to write.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and have a lot of productiveness this weekend!

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