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Forging A Legend and plans for the future

So I'm hard at work on book 3. I am around halfway through with it which means I should be able to release it at the beginning of October or November. When I'm done with base writing and going in for rewrites (hopefully just a couple weeks from now) I will make an announcement on Twitter and on my Discord as to its title, which would mean that I will have released an entire trilogy within a span of... 7 months at most. Not bad.

So far I've loved writing the trilogy. I will state at this point, I have no plans for prequels or sequels for this series in future. Now, all of my planned books from here on out take place in the same universe as the Forging A Legend trilogy so my characters from the trilogy may appear in other works. Or their relatives might.

For the moment, though, I wanted to share the full cover art of the first two books. I feel it is amazing. The artist, a friend of mine, is much too humble.

The Traitor's Daughter (Forging A Legend, Volume 1) full cover art sans text.

What I wanted to have this show is a little bit of the city of Vialca along with some of the fashion of the day. Unfortunately, much of that gets covered or distorted. I absolutely love the city in the background. I had so many pages of ideas for how Vialca might look, most of them being gigantic stone structures that encompass all of the other buildings as the air in Fyural is caustic. However, I really appreciate Maca's rendition and it makes me a lot happier than the pictures I'd looked at. I mean... besides me actually writing in the book that the city is not encased in an orb of stone.

You can see Wynn there in the foreground. I was very clear with how she should appear, but it's always difficult to get everything across. Despite this, I love how it came out. I love her eyes and face and hair. Yes, this is my imagining of how my main character would look. At least, at the beginning of book one.

The Rightful Heir (Forging A Legend, Volume 2) full, textless cover art

Obviously, I'm still using Maca. Like I said, she's great. I wanted this first trilogy to have a strong sense of unity and a really beautiful, painted feeling. This is obviously an interior shot, with very different lighting outside. Usually it just makes sense to have different weather at different times, but the fact that a sun is rising is thematically appropriate. You can see Estros (don't worry, not too spoilery) standing there and I wanted to be clear with how Drun look in this one, as I felt like I wasn't getting it across well. Behind him is the Canthet family crest, which is actually a thing I made one rainy day while watching how raindrops dripped down on a metal railing.

I'm not going to show you any of the works in progress for the third book's art because I want y'all to see Maca's work when it's complete.

After this last book in the trilogy comes out I will handle the cover creation for my books until they are successful enough to give me money to employ cover artists again. Actually, I should state that I do intend to grow my self publishing into a bigger business. When I have enough books out and am able, I do intend to hire editors, proofreaders, cover artists, etc. My pipe dream is to grow this into a trade publishing company. To do that, however, I would have to employ people with previous experience elsewhere because I have no experience in the publishing industry. If I end up running a trade publishing company that would be entirely different from self publishing. I wouldn't be able to do it without people with years of industry experience.

Now to talk about my upcoming projects.

Obviously, the main thing I'm working on is book 3 of Forging A Legend. This will be an end to Forging A Legend and is intended to wrap up that story entirely. There will be a definitive end to that trilogy with no room for a direct sequel. I want to be clear because I know there are a lot of creators who say this and then make more of the series. That will not happen with Forging A Legend.

But what other projects do I have going? Well, currently I have two other projects. One will come out swiftly after book 3 as it's almost done and that one I'll currently call Project Necromancer. It has a name, but I'm not ready to share it just yet. The gist is that the main character is a necromancer. I'm still not sure I'll extend it into a series, but I'd be open to the idea. If I don't turn it into a series, the main character will appear in other series as well as she's set up to be a powerful and mobile individual.

The second project is still in a major state of planning and that's the P.I. Project. Essentially, I want to write some fantasy detective stories in my world. I have the main characters cemented in early planning. I kind of want to get my husband or a friend of mine sketch out character designs. If that happens, I'll share them once the P.I. Project gets closer.

So, yeah, either October or November for the ending of the trilogy, then Necromancer in December or January. If Necromancer becomes a series, expect a series announcement on my Twitter and Discord, and the next books a couple months after the release of Necromancer. After Necromancer, I will release more about the P.I. Project.

Hope y'all are having a great early fall! It looks like it's gonna be an early and rough winter for us. Ah well...

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