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Forging A Legend

So the third and final book in the Forging A Legend trilogy will be coming out November 8, 2019. I have to pinch myself sometimes, remembering I will have a full trilogy out by the end of the year. It is insane to me.

The Empire Reborn full artwork.

It's been a long time since I started writing this series. Back in 2015 I was playing a lot of Pathfinder with my husband's friends, but we were playing in the Forgotten Realms setting. Wynn was my character but she was completely different from who she became. She was more than a little insane and she was a cleric of the god Jergal. Technically, she was undead, but not enough to be seen as that by others? I don't really know, my DM had everything figured out. However, the game stopped due to the DM wanting to work on his campaign more. The campaign has yet to pick up again.

At that point I started creating Fyural and Mirruvin. Part of me wanted to make a world where Wynn could be exactly who she was in the campaign, but as I built these other worlds she began to change. She became more serious, somber, and her story changed drastically. At one point she was supposed to be a reincarnation of one of her ancestors, but that draft was quickly tossed aside. One draft had Zaltya raising her, but that draft's gone, too.

So, yeah, I worked on The Traitor's Daughter for three or four years before I released it. The Rightful Heir was different, something I wrote quite quickly. At first my idea was to completely isolate Wynn from everyone and have her mostly interact with ancestral spirits. However, I like the plot I went with instead.

With The Empire Reborn I've written along the same plot I made up for it from the beginning. It will be longer than The Rightful Heir, but I'm not sure if it will be longer than The Traitor's Daughter.

I've absolutely loved writing this series, but I also can't wait to get to the next project.

I hope all of you have a great week!

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