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End of Year Hype and 2020 Publishing Plans

What? A blog post?! Something like this hasn't been done in exactly... 3 months! Okay, so silliness aside, I'm going into this new year with some excitement that I didn't have going into 2019.

This past year, I put out 5 books. I didn't spend two or three years on each project and that, in itself, is a huge step forward for me. I'm proud of my effort and my growth as a writer and a person. As I go into 2020, I'm hoping to improve my craft even more and spend a more consistent amount of time on my blogs, my youtube channel, and my author presence outside of Amazon. I want to take strides toward making my own publishing house and having a good enough income to support myself and my husband a bit better.

This next week I'll be putting up two videos, one where I discuss my accomplishments in 2019 and my 2020 publishing plans, and another with a storytime of a mortifying travel experience, and I hope to get into monthly or bimonthly blog posts as well as weekly or biweekly Youtube uploads. Well, until I find a better platform than Youtube. I have some feelings about Google and Youtube and all that. Maybe I'll go into it sometime.

Anyway, onto my plans for 2020. If you bought my most recent book, The Cursed Pocket Watch (that you can find a link to on my books page, under the Gerhardt Detective Agency page), and looked at the end, you'll notice that little announcement. Of Warlocks and Crooks will be released February 4, 2020. That is not the end of the Gerhardt Detective Agency series, but I will take a brief hiatus from it once the third book is published.

After Of Warlocks and Crooks is published, I'm going to switch gears and write some cyberpunk/science fantasy. It should be fun, I have the first book entirely planned out already and I'll write two others in that universe/series before I go back to the Gods and Champions universe. I am hopeful that these will be enjoyable to all of you as I'm excited to write so much more. My goal for publishing is to at least put out 5 books in 2020, maybe 6.

Fair warning, though, Of Warlocks and Crooks will have some sexual content. It is a story for adults and likely won't be appropriate for all audiences.

Hope y'all had a wonderful New Years!

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