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Derelict Paradise Release and best week in a while

In case you hadn't heard, Derelict Paradise released Monday! You can get it in ebook, paperback, or hardcover today! Click here!

Now that the most I'm able to shill has been shilled, I can get into other stuff. And, yes, I know one tiny paragraph isn't shilling, I have such a problem with advertising that I fight myself even on the most simple and stripped down thing. And that's a shame because I am really proud of this book. I'll do a better book in future, I have no doubt, but this is the first time that I'm not doubting everything I put on the page. Also, there's gonna be a sequel! Likely just one, though. Vhivi'd get too tired if she had to star in more.

I didn't really write last week because I was exhausted. We were dealing with lawyers and house business and my brain was so foggy I could barely do a thing around the apartment. Dishes piled up, I stared at the wall for the majority of the time, and I was generally spent. I won't go into too many specifics, but suffice it to say: Don't advertise your building as being handicap friendly when it has a foot tall step at its entry with no accessible way up.

But onto the good things!

Last time I wrote I talked about my house seed. Well. It has become a little seedling, even beginning to grow some leaves!

Look at that! What you're looking at is a dug foundation, the footings poured, and the start of the walls being built! See, what I was talking about before is our house is going to be ICF, so those foam and rebar things you're seeing there will become our walls. They pour concrete inside and it already has the structure (with rebar) within. Also, that foam contains our insulation. They'll build up the walls, leaving the openings for doors and windows, and then pour it in with concrete! I'm excited for it, but there's still many months to go before it's close to being finished.

The builders warned us not to get excited for completion, even when they're putting drywall on inside, because there's still more to do after that. I have decided I will not get excited until one of two things happen. 1. They're installing the stair railing for the basement stairs. 2. We're told it's time to move. Why 1? Because that's one of the last things they do. After all the dry wall and the painting and the installation of everything and counters and shelves, etc, one of the very last things they do is put on the stair rails, especially if that rail is going on the wall, which ours is.

But what else is going well? I mean, houses are cool and all, but that's not all what's going on. So what else?

Well, by the end of tomorrow morning, every relative of mine that lives within 2 hours will be fully vaccinated against covid! I'm so excited for that. Most of my friends will also be fully vaccinated shortly after, but I can't wait to hang out with my sister in law again. Talk about lucky, I had amazing luck when it comes to the family I married into. My husband is the last to get his second vaccine, but we're extremely happy he won't have to be nearly as nervous for my health for now. Being immunocompromised in a pandemic is terrifying, let me tell you.

On top of all that excitement, I'm going back to physical therapy pretty soon! The therapist thinks I should be able to walk well with my crutches with a lot of work (we're looking at probably a year or more) so I am on top of the world with this news. It's been a really enjoyable time.

And that's what I've been up to in the past two weeks! I'm glad to share it with you, but before I go I'd like to let you know more of my current plans when it comes to writing.

Now that Derelict Paradise is out, I am working on Of Mercy and Mayhem, the 7th Gerhardt Detective Agency book. However, I'm struggling a bit. After my latest release I have more confidence in writing and plotting, so I keep thinking of how much better the Gerhardt series would be if I went back and rewrote it.

So I'll put this to you, my audience.

Would you rather me write this out through the end and just make the next series better? Or do you want me to go back and rewrite from The Cursed Pocketwatch onward?

Let me know! And thank you for reading! Have a wonderful week and weekend!

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