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Cut the fat! (Writing Struggles)

Y'all ever have those teachers in school who told you to "cut the fat" in your writing? No? Just me? Well.

I've been going crazy lately because I seem to just write shorter and shorter stories and I hate it. I'm not bringing characters to life as I'd like, I worry about them being all the same, and I'm fairly sure my books are ridiculously short. Part of this comes with putting myself to much too strict a schedule, I think, but most of it comes from the instruction I had.

I was always taught to make a story as succinct as possible. Cut out all the flowery language, don't add your personality to it, but have a "distinct personal style." Don't ask me how you're supposed to accomplish both of these things, fucked if I know. Anyway, it's destroying my writing lately. The last book I really feel proud of is Of Reapers and Ravens. The others are... fine, but they aren't even good, in my eyes. Heck, even The Diviner should've been given more time to expand.

Anyway, I guess this is me saying I am having some trouble with writing right now. I love these stories and the ideas behind them. I've been dragging my feet on Derelict Paradise because of the more descriptive style I'm using, but I still feel like the story's moving much too quickly. I am also, as always, concerned that I have the wrong protagonist.

So that's what's going on in my crazy author mind. Stressed out by my space horror (my sporror) and so I'm planning out a magical murder for the 7th Gerhardt novel. That's right, that's going to happen eventually again. Their story isn't done yet. They don't get to go into retirement. That said, I highly doubt Ciel would ever go into retirement. She'd get too bored.

Welp, gonna attempt to have one of these chats every Wednesday for a bit, see if I can get up a routine of some sort. Hope life's treating you well and hope you'll get your vaccine soon, reader. Have a great week!

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