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Blogging Schedule Going forward

Hey guys, I've been thinking a lot and I'm going to be setting a proper blog schedule, so here we go.

I'm going to be doing two posts per week. The earlier one (on Wednesday) will be related to health or disability. As I'm losing weight and being very mindful and focused about it and my disabilities are a huge part of my life, I want to share that with you. So, on Wednesdays going forward, I'll be sharing how much I weigh, I'll have a monthly progress photo, and I will share what I'm doing to continue my forward momentum, any struggles I have, and the realities of being disabled.

On my second post per week, Friday posts, I'll be talking about whatever writing project I am working on, progress toward the book cover (if the artist gives permission to share), writing in general, and/or my thoughts on big media stories.

I hope you've all had a wonderful day, a wonderful week, and I'll see you Friday to talk about Of Warlocks and Crooks.

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