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Been Too Long (Updates and Announcements)

Hello. It's been a while. I didn't intend to disappear from blogging for... five months or so. Kind of got distracted. I guess I'm bad at internet consistency? Ah, well. New decade, global pandemic, my parents are in Texas, my province is going to hell, and I still can't make over $60 a month.

But! I shouldn't be so negative! I've put out a whole three books this year!

Look at these amazing works of art! All three (as well as the first two in the series) were created by the owners of Studio Drowtales (and my personal friends) Yan "Kern" Gagne and Mary "Kite" Garren. I highly encourage all of you to check out their main work on Drowtales.com.

I'm quite proud to have put out these stories (Gerhardt Detective Agency books 3-5) so far this year and there's more to come. Right now I'm working on two new novels, one will be the 6th Gerhardt novel and the other will be the introduction to my sci-fi universe.

After the 6th GDA novel I don't intend to keep banging them out. I'm going to give the twins a rest, let them do as they wish outside of the spotlight of a book, and take a look at another part of Mirruvin. I always feel it's a little weird that I started off my journey into the Gods and Champions universe with a trilogy that spans both Mirruvin and Fyural, but I worry the Drun are too inhuman to be relatable. Wynn was a good medium, being a thing of both worlds, but she's technically the only true halfblood alive in the empire. I don't know, maybe I'll revisit it in future.

The sci-fi novel is a different beast entirely. I'm going to break from the first person perspective I've used in all of my fantasy novels so far and try to approach a slower paced, more thoughtful story. I'll be pulling from my experiences, growing up in a culture that I've come to view as oppressive, and coming out into the world and seeing things more clearly. Well, hopefully less pretentious than that, but I do aim for that general idea.

Like I mentioned above, I'll be starting another series that takes place in Mirruvin after I finish the two books I'm focusing on now. I have a general premise and I'm hopeful it'll go well. There are many more stories I'd like to tell in that universe and in the sci-fi one.

Lately, I've also solidified some inspiration for a third universe where I can embrace my love of all things mythical and undead, sort of a more modern world where humans live alongside other beings. Unsure whether I'll set that one on Earth or make up another place again. I hate being tied to real world events and places, especially as I'm not too observant of the goings on around me. We'll see where it goes. I'm trying to re-learn how to draw so I can (perhaps) illustrate for it. Eh, who knows.

Oh! Right! And I'm going to start doing newsletters! Newsletters so I can keep y'all up to date on projects, announce all my book releases, and all that wonderful stuff. So sign up! Because I'm adding it to my calendar and will be assaulted by notifications if I don't remember. So now I'm more of an... official? author?

Yeah. Sign up, please. The sign up thing is on the home page.

Stay safe, everyone! Wear your masks! Eat your greens! Wash your hands!

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