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A surprisingly decent start

Note: This is too nice and too narrow to be my journal. This is a stock image.

Last week I was having a problem, a big one. Whatever I wrote, I hated. I couldn't connect with my character, everything felt pretty awful every time I sat down at my computer. So I took the weekend off. (This is a rare event. I tend to work nights and weekends, I'd stay up most of the night if it were healthy.)

Monday morning, I was able to bang out 2k words with a new protagonist (though the old protagonist is now a side character). I'm sitting at just under 5k words right now, which is far behind schedule for what I wanted, but I'm hopeful.

See, initially I had this plan to release Derelict Paradise on the 15th, but it won't be ready. It feels like last year a bit. I made the horrible mistake of announcing Derelict Paradise when I was nowhere near finishing it, leading people to ask about it, meaning I started hating it. You know, because I'm a strange person that both wants to share her ideas with the world and hates having attention on her. Weird, huh? But I doubt it's that unusual.

Anyway, I finally don't hate working on my sporror (scifi horror), even though writing in this different way is difficult. I think, once I put the book out, it will be a very long time between it and the next scifi book. I may never pick it back up again, let it be a one-off sort of thing. I mean, I hear those kinds of books are suicide for a self-published author's career, but I'm not too worried. Can't do much worse than averaging 10 book sales a release.

In my personal life, it looks like we might be breaking ground on our house pretty soon. That's right! I'm going to be a home owner at some point! So we can put pictures up! Cannot wait for that. Unfortunately, I'll probably do the boring thing of neutral paint colors on the walls, but, as it turns out, most people don't enjoy spaces with bright red paint! I mean, I do, but that's a me sort of thing.

So, not to worry, my sporror will be out soon (ish) and hopefully in the next month or so! I already have an awesome cover, so that'll be great. And my rebellious, scared, loud-mouthed little protagonist will make her debut. Unfortunately, without most of her signature blind jokes.

Thanks for reading and I hope your week is going well! I can't wait to share more as we go along!

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