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A hundred pages too much

Today I was so excited to put out a hardcover version of The Gerhardt Detective Agency Vol. 1. Let me tell you what I did last night to bring that to fruition.

First, the hardcover possibility is only a beta program on Amazon, so we'll see if it stays available, so we'll hope it stays up. If it does I'll also be bringing a hardcover version of Derelict Paradise to you when it's ready. I am considering moving my publishing from Amazon to IngramSpark for wider distribution. The thing holding me back is the money it'd take for me to publish through them. So, if you want to possibly see my books in stores, suggest them to friends and family! Leave a review on a book or two (Amazon kind of hides books that don't have at least 10 reviews, not just ratings)!

Anyway, so last night I was notified I could make hardcovers and I decided to go for it with the Gerhardt omnibus. Should've been an easy process, right?

As with everything Amazon, no.

Hardcovers from them can only have 550 pages. How many pages does the paperback omnibus have? 639.

So I spent a few hours trying to figure out what sort of layout would get me to 550 pages without making the text smaller. I did a lot of work... and still had to change the text from 12 point to 11. With more compact layouts, I was able to get it to 624, but with 11 point text I got it to 548. That's right! Two pages under!

Because of that two page difference, I was able to put out that hardcover. Yes, it's more expensive than the paperback. The reason is two-fold. First, it costs more to create a hardcover, so the base printing cost is doubled, more or less. Second, I think $30 (USD) is a reasonable price for 6 books in one. I still wish I could give you a lower price while still making some amount of money that would help me move forward as an author.

So that's where we are. I'm closer and closer to finishing Derelict Paradise, to bringing it to all of you. I'm excited for it as I think I've done a pretty good job this time. I will never say I've created a well-written story because that is very subjective. What I feel is well-written now will seem like a horrible stumbling over words in a month or two. I will be embarrassed, constantly, by what I last put out.

This is a shorter post today, mostly because I need to get back to writing and I only have so many words a day. Hope you're all doing well! Stay safe and enjoy something nice this weekend. Get some food out, buy yourself a luxury, take a nice, long bath, something like that. Pamper yourself. Everyone deserves that once in a while.

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