Of Reapers and Ravens

Series: Gerhardt Detective Agency, Case 1

Released: November 5, 2019

Genre: Paranormal Mystery/Dark Fantasy

Ciel Gerhardt spends her life in a drunken haze with tavern brawls and passion-filled one night stands to keep her from dwelling too much on the past. Her sober days, though limited, are spent helping her brother, Ambrose, run his failing detective agency. That is, until a professor at Heid's University for the Arcane Arts and Sciences is murdered and Ciel's fingered as one of the prime suspects.


Now she's got a detective watching her every move and the city's growing restless. Ciel puts aside her vices and helps her brother investigate, trying to catch the killer before he kills again or, gods forbid, she's locked up for a crime she didn't commit.

The Cursed Pocket Watch

Series: Gerhardt Detective Agency, Case 2

Released: December 19, 2019

Genre: Paranormal Mystery/Dark Fantasy

After a harrowing case and his first real payday, Ambrose Gerhardt is ready for something both easy and profitable. Unfortunately for him, he can find only one of those and it comes in the form of local nobility looking for a lost item. At least the lord's willing to pay him handsomely for his work.


Now he's miles from home, pretending to be a rich girl's fiance, and trying to stay one step ahead of a crime family and whoever else is trying to get hold of his client's stolen item. With no allies in this new town he'll use his strength and experience to solve the case and get home safely. And, hopefully, still unmarried.


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