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The Traitor's Daughter

Series: Forging A Legend, Volume 1

Released: May 9, 2019

Genre: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

Wynn Canthet's father is a traitor and she is determined to make him face justice. Armed with only her wit and physical prowess, she sneaks across enemy lines to find him. But when she does, will she find more than she bargained for?

The Rightful Heir

Series: Forging A Legend, Volume 2

Released: August 9, 2019

Genre: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

After winning the right to rule her home province, Wynn Canthet returns and faces the realities of her choices. As much as being Lord Protector sounded good to her when it was a far away idea, she struggles to accept her new role.

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The Empire Reborn

Series: Forging A Legend, Volume 3

Released: September 29, 2019

Genre: Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

In this third and final installment of the Forging A Legend trilogy, the Revic Empire is torn by a civil war. Wynn is caught between wanting to honor tradition and the burgeoning desire to let her countrymen break free of an oppressive emperor's rule. With her uncle still on the run and the high priestess of the church acting against her, her choices are few and allies dwindling, leading to desperate choices and risky tactics.