Frequently Asked Questions

What's your set up?

I am on a custom built computer with two monitors. I use Ubuntu Mate as an OS and LibreOffice for my word processing and other office needs.

When did you start writing?

I started writing for fun when I was around eight years old. As my mother used to read to me at night, I loved stories.

What do you like to read?

I don't enjoy reading anymore, unfortunately. I used to love reading fantasy and scifi novels, with my all time favorites being Lord of the Rings and the Jack McKinney Robotech novels. I know, odd.

Why don't you like talking about your stories?

This is more a question I get from my family than any readers, but I don't like talking about my stories because I had trouble with self esteem as a young woman and I struggle with it to this day. I suffer badly from imposter syndrome and it is absolutely terrible.

What is your writing routine?

Because I have to stick to a strict medication schedule, I am forced to get up when normal people do, around 7:30. Trust me, it's not my preference. I get the most inspiration in the afternoon and night, but because I have a strict schedule, I start writing at around 8:30 in the morning and I stick to it at least until 4pm. But it usually bleeds into the evening. On weekends I'm careful to stick to my medication schedule, but I can stay up a little later. I don't have a weekend writing schedule as that is usually given to D&D and gaming with friends. Oh, right, and at the end of the day I bring whatever journal I'm using at the time to bed with me. There I write a ton more before I go to sleep.

How does your multiple sclerosis impact your writing?

It depends. I do suffer with mental fog a lot and you'll notice I post on Twitter when I have strange word switches (see, "I hung myself" instead of, "I hung my head"). Sometimes I cannot think of words and other times I'm laid up in bed (or on the couch) to try and wait out the relapses.